In Development

                          LIKE A FLOCK OF STARLINGS  


      Based on the precarious and risky life of a gypsy family, fleeing  the    German  repressions of 1940 and temporarily setting camp in the deep countryside, this dramatic story with his tragic end, is, in one hand, the study of inter-community relations and, on the other hand, a sociological study of family relationships.



   Alexander Nikolayev Ansakov young writer in the making, with long teeth, a very fertile imagination and an unwavering and boundless admirer of the renowned writer Nikolai Vassilievich Gogol, meets Boris Alexeyevich Goncharova, well known publisher to sell him his story ... he is about to be served a much more unexpected one. 



                              CLEANING SEASON IN TOWN    

 The endless desert, a North African city, a rich Arab Sheik, a sexy merciless asian drug Smuggler, a wanted nomad tribal Chief, a rotten Doctor and his very special (in all aspects) Secretary, a drug-manufacturing Laboratory, an old Prison transformed into an asylum, some special undercover drug enforcement Agents, and... Lou Ash... a man preoccupied by winning back his wife...

   All the ingredients are reunited for a great recipe of mystery, action and entertainment under the sun adventure...


                                          THE CRYSTAL TEAR    

   Back home after many years of traveling, the young son of a rich Lord finds an imposter sitting in his place, wearing his crown and his own face.

   Fighting soldiers, spells, magic and an Army of undead that terrorize the native population, our young hero has to venture to the center of the earth, to save a Princess and find a magic sword : the Crystal Tear, to kill a three headed dragon, insure him victory over his enemies, and restore peace and wealth in his father's kingdom.

                                    ALLO BRUNO   (The Five Keys)

     A wannabe writer is working on a book about the secrets of Chartres Cathedral in France, when he gets his hands on the notebook of an old British eccentric and joins with a very strange young woman Clara Croft, on a wild clue chase across the breathtaking French countryside, looking for the five legendary keys that will lead them to the last resting place of a Templar knight: the sleeper and the secret hiding place of the arch of alliance.. 

But Laurent and Clara are not the only ones searching for the fabulous objects..

                           A SATURDAY NIGHT ON PLANET  EARTH  


   Five extraterrestrial adolescents borrow dad’s flying saucer and crash on earth in a remote part of the countryside.

   With the help of five earthling adolescents and avoiding UFO followers and military search teams, they take on to fix their vessel and return to their home planet.

   A Saturday Night on Earth is a humoristic story of the interaction of teenagers from different origins with one common interest : the music


                                              SPIRALIS 665   

           On a cold and wet night, Nick Lanvin a  man returns home     and is welcomed by his young and lovely wife Nina, but has no  memory of his past nor his identity...

   Even though tormented by nightmares and horrible hallucinations, he  starts to enjoy his new little paradise family set-up until it turns into hell as Nick soon realizes his wife’s unfaithfulness.


                                                ISLAND 4 SALE    

   The dream of many...

   Six friends team up to buy and fix up an old house on a lonely island. As the hot summer days pass, work on the house goes well... but the past has for a bad habit of showing up unexpectedly.

  It's three o'clock in the morning and if our new owners are suddenly awakened, it’s because the sun is up, the house transformed into a different state and a wedding is going on outside in the renewed garden.

   So, why does the bride suddenly enters the room and meets her lover, ignoring our friends ? And why does the groom appears, a riffle in hand and kills his unfaithful new bride and her love